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      Online Videos and Video Statistics Made Simple

      It used to be time consuming and expensive to start a video website. With 23 Video, it's simple: You can get started immediately, and there are no complicated prices, no set-up fee and no software to install. All updates are free.

      With 23Video you can take your videos and your website by meshing them together into a single online video powerhouse. It's even able to gather necessary statistical data that you wouldn't normally be able to see or get elsewhere with other video products. It works like this to where you are able to find out who is watching your videos, where they are watching them from, how many times they were watched, and so much more!

      However, this Widget does require that you have your own Active 23Video Account with a paid subscription to them. They also do offer a 14-Day Trial in case you wish to try it all out for yourself to give it a test run.

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