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      Share your Kinomap videos on your form

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      What is kinomap?

      Kinomap allows you to create, host and share your geolocated uploaded videos its like youtube and googlemap all in one.

      So here's how it works?

      1. You record your video along with a GPS enabled device while moving Host your video through

      2. Host your video through

      3. Now you can share your videos to facebook or even embed it on your blog or website

      Some of the features:

      Kinomap Maker: It is used to shoot and upload geolocation videos from the mobile device but to upload the video, the user device must be connected to the internet. Also a user may send the shot video on email or may export his coordinates and the video. This is supported for smartphone, tablet, IOS (iPhones and iPads), Android, Bada/Samsung and Windows Phone users.

      Kinomap Uploader: It is a desktop application, through which a Kinomap user may upload his video taken from his smartphone or GPS enabled camera onto the Kinomap website after suitably editing it

      Kinomap Trainer: This application is based on one of the utilities of geolocation videos that the subscribed users may use the geolocation video for indoor training, practising or competing purposes. Perfect for sports enthusiast like, biking, running etc.

      Kinomap Embedded Player and API: Is a tool to embed the Kinomap geolocation videos into one’s personal website. You will have an embed code to use to share it on your facebook or even your blog or website.

      Advantage of using it to your online form: Allows you to post your videos allong with your web form. See how easy it is just by adding kinomap widget to your form. Try it now!

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