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      Add a spreadsheet to your form to collect tabulated values

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      In situations where spreadsheet data needs to be collected, analysed and submitted in a simple spreadsheet format, this is the ideal widget. Your form users can now submit structured data sets that can be used in a spreadsheet - or for any purpose where cell-value data sets are critical.

      You can assign calculation formulas to designated cells through the widget configuration. Calculation formulas start with "=" and use letter and number combination to identify table cells. For example, =a1 + b1 will return sum of top fields in "A" and "B" column.

      You can also use brackets e.g. = (a1 + b1) / c1 with math functions like pow or sqrt.

      For example, = pow(a1, 3) + pow(b1, 2) is the same as =(a1 * a1 * a1) + (b1 * b1).